Burning in Barrowton 2013

Lady Dustin's Speech

So Lady Dustin begins her meeting with all of the noble houses in Barrowton by thanking them all for coming: House Lightfoot, House Greenleaf, and House Ironsmith, as well as the other minor houses are in attendance. Lady Dustin glances at each house silently, her small, cruel mouth frozen into her usual hateful pose.

She begins by thanking all of the houses for coming during these difficult times of unrest in Westeros, and continues by reminding everyone how House Stark, with its “King of the North” has endangered all of the North with his arrogant and foolish decisions, which puts all of our houses in peril. At this point, her small lips curl up into a smile as she tells how the King in the North has erred, and now has paid for his folly with his life. She then recounts the events that were given to her by messenger regarding the Red Wedding, which are generally well-received by many of the houses (whether they agree with the events or not…). During her speech, Brandon Ironsmith, the brash young man that he is, speaks out against the recent events, considering that all of these houses are supposed to owe fealty to House Stark. Lady Dustin is stunned by this outburst, as are Lord Ironsmith (who tries to quell his son’s insolence), and by Roose Ryswell (antagonist of Brandon Ironsmith). In order to avoid any further confrontation, Brandon’s guard, Alastar, comes into the hall and drags Brandon out before he dishonors his house further. Lady Dustin concludes her speech by notifying all of the houses that there needs to be preparations made by all of the houses, since there will probably be war coming to the North. House Bolton will do all that it can, with House Dustin and Barrowton’s support, to avoid this at all costs. But we must be ready for anything… and with that she bids a good night and leaves.



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