Burning in Barrowton 2013

The Journey North begins...

Here is a list of events that took place last night at MMNY with Brandon Ironsmith, Walder and Artos Lightfoot leading the way (and Buddy!), and with Jayce Ironsmith and Alester in the background.

  • Lord Ironsmith insists that the young adventurers equip themselves with weapons and armor from the house armory before heading out on their own.
  • Artos persuades Lord Ironsmith that it would be best to equip them with more powerful weapons, if they were available, to which Lord Ironsmith agrees. He leaves the group, only to return with Superior-quality weapons, giving the group an armor-piercing edge!
  • The group leaves as quietly as they can from House Ironsmith, but they all feel as though they are being watched…
  • While traveling past The Pines, as acolyte messenger from the House of the Seven catches up with the group to give Artos a sealed message. The message is from Oryn, head priest at the temple. He cryptically mentions that he heard Artos was heading north, and wanted to know if it would be possible for Artos to stop by a small hamlet that has been having some trouble recently. It would be a great help to the Seven if Artos could visit Great Oak to comfort and reassure them in their time of need.
  • While traveling North, Walder kills a buck, providing fresh meat and fur for the next 4-5 days. Brandon tests out his survival skills and provides the group adequate shelter and warmth. Artos successfully guides the group farther and farther north while avoiding pitfalls and dead ends.
  • A few nights into their journey, Artos spots a campfire to the south, a few hours away. Preferring to face anyone following them head-on, the group decides to leave their horses at their camp and to sneak south towards the other camp to see who is there and what their intentions may be.
As Walder quietly leads the group closer to the camp, Buddy alerts them to a presence in the trees; a lone sentry, sitting quietly in the branches of a tree. Walder and Buddy proceed to sneak past the sentry while Brandon decides to climb the nearest tree to gain a vantage point as well as a hopefully clear shot at the guard. Brandon nocks an arrow, and aims at the guard, giving a signal to Artos down below what his intentions are. Brandon fires into the darkness towards the figure in the trees…… and misses!! Fortunately for Brandon, the guard was surprised by the arrow imbedded into the tree next to his head and falls backwards out of the tree towards the ground below.
  • Walder and buddy approach the edge of the clearing to the camp when they hear a yell of shock as the sentry calls out behind him. After a pause within the camp, Walder hears voices laugh out, with one edged voice saying, “Bloody hell. That fool Wyl has fallen out of a tree again. Go check on him.” Walder hears footsteps coming his way and he and Buddy jump into the bushes to either side of the path.
  • Brandon deftly moves from tree to tree in the air while Artos slowly approaches the guard on the ground in case he gets up. Brandon gets a better view of the edge of the camp and sees a figure step onto the path and begin calmly walking towards their location. As he watches, he sees another figure come out of the bushes behind the first person….
  • and Walder strikes!! His sword bites into the soldiers’ leather armor, leaving a huge rent in the armor, but unfortunately the armor does its job and prevents any injury. The soldier is not as fortunate as Buddy follows through and clamps down on the soldier’s leg, easily penetrating the leather and crunching down onto the soldier’s femur, which cracks like a chicken bone. The soldier howls out in pain, collapsing to the ground in a heap, and alerting the camp to something more serious than a simple soldier falling out of a tree.
  • Witnessing the attack, Brandon quickly comes out of the trees and Artos hustles over to the sentry at the base of the tree he fell out of, and discovers that the soldier appears slightly hurt and is unconscious. Preferring to not leave any enemies behind them, Artos puts the unconscious soldier to the sword….
  • Hearing numerous footsteps approaching, Walder and Buddy quickly jump back into the bushes just in time to see approximately 8 soldiers rushing past with weapons and torches lit. On a couple of them, the standard of House Ryswell is prominently displayed, particularly on one soldier; well-armored and cloaked, this figure looks confident as he barks out orders.
  • Brandon and Artos see the soldiers stream into the forest from the darkness, and they both see Roose Ryswell leading the soldiers into searching the area. Both Brandon and Artos, wanting to even the numbers before any melee is started, prepare and fire their weapons at the soldiers, grazing one and giving another a gut-shot, dropping him to the ground. Now the soldiers know the direction from where the shots came from….



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