Burning in Barrowton 2013

The Burning in Barrowton Begins...

Our story begins in the Town of Barrowton, the first settlement that is encountered to people entering the North on the Kingsroad. Barrowton is led by Barbrey Dustin the widow to the Late Lord William Dustin, companion to Lord Eddard Stark and his companions at the Tower of Joy. Lord Dustin fell at the Tower of Joy, and it is where his bones remain to this day, a point never forgotten by Lady Dustin when she thinks of the Starks. Lady Dustin is also the daughter of Lord Rodrick Ryswell, Lord of the Rills.

Much more information and backstory may be found in the house and family tree section at towerofthehand.com

Our adventurers will all be in the middle of their daily chores/activities when each noble house receives word of a meeting called by Lady Dustin at her keep that night… (Everyone in town at this point knows what happened to Ned Stark in King’s Landing, how the North has rebelled and how Robb Stark with the support of his bannermen has proclaimed himself as the ‘King in the North’, referring to the ancient custom of lordship in Westeros before the lands were unified, leaving Wardens to oversee the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, West), with King’s Landing as the home of the King. It is also known that Robb Stark has wed a girl from the West, to the great displeasure of Lord Walder Frey of the Twins.) … all of the PC’s show up to the meeting that night, with the exception of Alastar, who is not noble, and Walder Lightfoot, who intentionally disobeys his father, Kevan Lightfoot, and would rather be outside with his pet Direwolf than at a stupid meeting. And so the meeting commences….



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